St.Vincent’s Meals on Wheels Charity Benefit to celebrate the birthday  of Sister Alice Marie Quinn – took place at Vibana 210 S Main Street,  Los Angeles.

What was the purpose of the event? To raise money  for Meals on Wheels and to celebrate the contributions and birthday of  Sister Alice Marie Quinn.

What were the highlights of the event?  Awesome Silent auction which included Riedel in almost every wine auction lot.

How  were the attendees’ reactions to Riedel (initial impressions, quotes  etc.)?  The raffle ticket box for a chance to win a bounty of Riedel was  fuller than any of the other raffle boxes.

Linda Myerson Dean owner of Wine Warehouse and Tammie Ward of Riedel Crystal in front of the 27 liter of Rioja!

Vinum Syrah glasses pair with chateauneuf du pape